Why you need a business address

  • Posted by: Harry Adie

A physical business address builds credibility with your customers while making it easier to get found online.

Read on about the importance of physical business addresses, and how to get a good one without breaking the bank.

Look professional

You may be tempted to leave off an address or use only a PO box number, but offering customers a physical address makes you look more trustworthy and less like a fly-by-night operation.

When people see what looks like a home address, they may picture a “solopreneur” in pajamas. We’re all for pajamas, but creating a more professional image will help you be taken more seriously.

You also don’t want customers showing up at your home at all hours of the day. Create a clear boundary with an address dedicated solely to your business.

Get found

Search engines use the address on your website to provide people with search results for a product or service they need. If you don’t have a physical business address, it may be harder for potential customers to find you.

Keep it legal

Regulations set forth by the CAN-SPAM Act require that all commercial emails include a valid physical postal address. In most locations, ecommerce websites require an address to comply with trade laws and best practices.

How to get a physical address on the cheap

There are several low-cost ways to get a business address:

1. Rent a “virtual office space” that includes a professional-looking mailing address.

2. Rent a physical mailbox at a mailing center and use the store’s street address plus your mailbox number.

3. Check whether your local postal service offers a post office (PO) box with a street address — this makes your PO box appear to be an office suite.

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